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Why Wood Badge?
PlacardOne can never have too much training.  The point to gain is a way to apply the training to the application you need it for.  I am excited to use much of Wood Badge training in my interaction with the Scouts.
PlacardI loved Woodbadge. I think that anyone who desires to be in some sort of scouting leadership position, should participate in this course.
PlacardI have had several life changing experiences in my life, but I never thought that Wood Badge would be one of them.  On our first day I was put into a patrol of 6 people and a Troop Guide who were perfect strangers, yet by the time our two weekends were over I consider these strangers dear friends.  
Wood Badge not only changed my attitude and efforts in Scouting, but also with my relationsships with my family, friends, and co-workers.  I also realized my total responsibility with the young men that I have been called to serve.
I fully feel that every scout leader should attend Wood Badge.  Not only will your scouts benefit from it, so will your family, friends, and all you come in contact will benefit.
If you are given the opportunity to attend Wood Badge, take it. Brian Welhoelter - Cedar City, Utah

PlacardI chose to go to Woodbadge because scouting is like a foreign language to me.  I have two boys and I would like to become more involved in their scouting experience.  I am currently a leader of a great group of young women and wanted to improve my leadership skills.  Woodbadge was a great experience in helping me be a better leader and a better person.  I learned how influential leaders of youth can be and how to strengthen the youth as they make crucial life decisions.  My awareness of the power of scouting has increased.  The Woodbadge Staff was an inspiring group of men who truly care about the youth. Geneal Wilson - Lindon, Utah

Michael LeavittWhat an amazing experience combining scouting fundamentals with the vision of what our young men can become! Michael you are so awesome to put the time into making this the experience that keeps on giving with this site! Ken Plummer - Orem, Utah

Michael LeavittThanks for the kudos Ken. Also, thanks for taking your Bishop hat off for 6 days and becoming one of us boys playing amidst the mud puddles and buffalo chips of scenic Camp Maple Dell. Seeing the scouting program from the boy’s perspective makes me want to improve and change a few things with our Varsity Team 173 program. Thanks for being a part of the great leadership training experience known as BSA Wood Badge. Remember the words of Baden-Powell “Boys can see adventure in a dirty old duck puddle, and if the Scoutmaster is a boys’ man he can see it, too.”... Ta-tonka! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah

Be Very Careful

Others May See You've Caught the Spirit of Scouting

David B. Erickson shared... When you come home from Wood Badge, watch and see whether others notice something different about you.

One Scouter shared his family's impression of him after returning to the second half of his weekend Wood Badge course. He wrote, "I just want to say how much this experience means to me. My life is changed for the better. During the break between weekends, my family noticed something had changed. My 4-year-old daughter asked my wife, "What happened to Daddy?" Even my wife asked how many times I could go to Wood Badge so I could keep improving. Thanks so much!"

Judging by the experience of others, Wood Badge will help you become a better Scout leader. It's also likely that along the way you'll find ways to become a better person. Sign up soon for your Wood Badge experience. Do your best to serve others by improving your leadership skills. If you do, you'll help fulfill Baden-Powell's vision that Scouting can bring about God's Kingdom on earth.

And by going to Wood Badge, that vision can also become yours.

David B. Erickson is a member of the L.D.S. Young Men General Board and a recent Wood Badge course director.

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