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Why Wood Badge?
BuffalosMichael Leavitt
Jon Bready’s Galleries
Jon Bready
DAY 1 - 152 Images
DAY 2 - 163 Images
DAY 3 - 47 Images
DAY 4 - 269 Images

DAY 5 - 189 Images

DAY 6 - 20 Images

Jon Bready was our Assistant Scoutmaster over the Troop Guides. During the event Jon could be seen around the periphery with a little point and shoot camera taking action shots. It is fun to see the event through his lens. Jon loved the idea of being able to share his 840 photos via this website. If you have any words of thanks for Jon, then send them along via our Contact Us page and we will see that Jon gets the remarks.

Stan Macbean’s Galleries
Stan Macbean
GALLERY - 426 Images


Stan Macbean was our Scribe for the Wood Badge training. He could be found either toting around his long zooming digital SLR (I have lens envy), or sitting at his laptop cranking out the next issue of the Gilwell Gazette.
Jon Bready’s Galleries
Michael Leavitt
DAY 1 - 36 Images
DAY 2 - 16 Images
DAY 3 - 246 Images

DAY 4 - 368 Images

DAY 5 - 130 Images

DAY 6 - 60 Images
My time taking pictures during Wood Badge was greatly compromised with time devoted to filming video footage. As a participant my time was limited anyway. If there is a file that you particularly like and you want the higher resolution file, then drop me an email with the day and file name and I will send you the larger original file.
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