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Why Wood Badge?

Michael LeavittBSAWoodBadge.com is an idea spawned by Michael Leavitt during his attendance at Wood Badge. In fact, the creation of this website is one of Michael’s five Wood Badge ticket goals with the purpose of capturing the memories of his training as well as providing an informative resource to help inspire others to take future trainings.

CAMARADERIE - Michael Leavitt shared,

“The aspect of Wood Badge that really caught me off guard was the immediate deep bonding camaraderie with my other Buffalo Patrol mates. Most of us would never have spent much time together in normal day-to-day life, but the intense nature of the training immediately created a bond, and it is this same great binging experience that I recommend to all Boy Scout leaders who have not yet had the chance to attend Wood Badge.”

If you have feedback, photos, experiences, important links, or other Wood Badge information to share, then please forward it along so that it can be added appropriately to the site.

Wood Badge
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